What We Do

Lars Restaurants is a premiere company that invests in restaurants to develop & rebrand them for a profit!

Lars Restaurants is located in Los Angeles, California

Since the tender age of seven Lenny was immersed in the family business of bakeries, delis, pizzerias, catering and restaurants from the East to the West Coast. His father, Robert Rosenberg, was a seasoned pro at rebranding bakery and restaurant establishments for over 50 years including the landmark Eclairs in New York City. Staring at the age of seven-years-old Lenny worked steadily in the family businesses until eventually the torch was passed to him. He bought and rebranded his first restaurant at the age of 17.

Lenny has since gone on to rebrand over 50 restaurants in the past 30 years! He is typically working on three or four projects at a time.